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Our mission is to give you space in time to connect back to universal truths of life and release all that is not currently serving you.
When we come together, when we move from stillness, when we connect to the very rhythms this universal experience is founded on; we are able to tap into the most powerful versions of ourselves as individuals and within community. 

We limit the capacity to create the best container possible.  We aim to ensure within our connecting, we will all have the space needed to unwind, be calm, get grounded, and feel safe to move through whatever emotions or realizations may surface at these events.


These experiences draw on a divine collective of light workers and healers that come together to share their unique callings with the community.  

There is something for everyone here: Yoga, Meditation, Energy Work, Workshops, Sound Journeys, Vendors, Live Music, Nature Activities, Dan
cing & More.

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