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Sound Medicine, Meditation & Yoga Guide

DJ has been ritually practicing & sharing various forms of yoga for nearly a decade and is a Seven Spiritual Laws of Yoga teacher. Holding space for retreats & community gatherings rests at the core of her heart. A steward of the Earth and lover of all things nature, her experiences allow you space to connect to the universal rhythms and elemental energy that surrounds you. Her offerings include guided meditation, breathing space, chakra exploration,  mindful movement, and vibrational sound journeying. She offers private Vibrational Journeys, a unique therapeutic service combining weighted and unweighted tuning forks, crystals, vibration, and chakra cleansing custom to your needs and desires. 

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Moving Deep Yoga • Holistic Skincare • Macrame

 Karissa's journey to movement & healing therapies has been a very personal process spanning over the last decade.  Never intending to become a teacher or healer, she sought out trainings and teachers all over the world to better understand her body and herself.  Through those accumulative experiences and uncovering a movement that makes her feel enlivened she began sharing Moving Deep Yoga.  To say her offerings don't fit into a mold would be an understatement.  Guiding people to innerbalance, self-love, light-heartedness, laughter and divine embodiment of inner light are her core priorities.  These days, she pours her heart into donation-based yoga offerings, both online and in nature & her private skincare practice.

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Tea Lounge Sanctuary


Sarah Flowers is a Vitalist Herbal Practitioner, Cyclical Living Guide & Ceremonialist. She believes that with a connection to nature and the great spirit present within all of us we can find the power to heal our selves. 

All that she does & offers is greatly inspired by the natural rhythms of the earth and its cosmos. She believes these forces are here to collaborate with us for our highest good, we just have to remember how to listen to their stories. 

She will be assisting us in this remembering in an herbal tea lounge, where we you have the chance to connect to herbs for the Taurus New Moon cycle through a ritual herbal tea practice.



Live Music

Womb sisters Kat & Kris Burce are the ethereal harmonies behind Åna Tri. Their sound fuses tribal, world, and folk. Born and raised on the island of Guam and rooted in the Philippines, Åna Tri calls together past ancestors with present day warriors, keeping their culture alive through sound medicine.

They will be sharing their heart songs and potent medicine music on Saturday afternoon.


ELAN Healing: Nervous System Entrainments


Nechelle is a certified ELAN Healing facilitator, & an ELAN level 1, 2, & 3 Instructor.  Her mission is to help her community discover healing as the center of their personal health care. She supports this transformation through integration of the mind, body & soul. Nechelle empowers clients with a deep understanding of their nervous system and how the integrity of their spine is the foundation of a healthy body, mind, & spirit.

At Lunar Rhythm, Nechelle will be offering ELAN nervous system entrainments. ELAN is a light touch body and spinal work modality that queues the nervous system to assess and reorganize your energetic state. Profound change occurs in a gentle and supportive way. You can expect to feel more relaxed and at ease, have better posture, and reduction or elimination of chronic aches and pains. Nervous System entrainments are beneficial for whole body/mind health and wellness and are not contraindicated with any illness or disease. Price per entrainment is $54 and you may receive 1 entrainment/ day while at the festival if you’d like to come back for additional treatments. You can learn more about ELAN at 



Private Sound Healing Sessions


Kerry will be offering 15 min Individual Sound Healing sessions: she will introduce the use of voice, sound/singing bowls and tuning fork on the body. Sound Healing is a therapy that uses vibration (voice/toning, and instruments including but not limited to sound/singing bowls, tuning forks) to relax the body and mind, to restore balance to the body by either placing sound/singing bowls or tuning forks on the body or by playing instruments during sessions.


Sound healing can reduce stress, anger, depression, and fatigue; invites deep rest and relaxation releasing energy, tension, dis-ease, and promotes physical and emotional balance. Provides an opportunity to explore self-inquiry, to go within and experience a meditative state.




Becca is excited to return to Lunar Rhythm this year on the providing side of things! A seasoned and intuitive bodyworker, she will be offering  relaxing and revitalizing reflexology foot massages. 


The feet can be considered a gateway to the whole body -- with ties to all your organs, systems, and energy. Reclining in the chair and receiving this work a great way to learn about your body and float into a peaceful state of connection.




Through my experiences with breathwork, I have learned to connect more deeply with myself and the world around me. I have been able to release past traumas, limiting beliefs, and negative thought patterns that were holding me back. I have also gained a greater sense of purpose and direction in my life.


As a result of these experiences, I have become passionate about sharing the benefits of breathwork, and other alternative forms of healing, with others. I believe that everyone has the potential to heal themselves and live a life free of limiting beliefs. I want to help make that a reality for as many people as possible.


Shake Your Soul®: The Yoga of Dance

Rylee is a Registered Somatic Movement Therapist & Educator dedicated to the intersection of psyche and soma. Her classes are infused with the awareness that healing happens as we embody what is alive inside.


Class description: Relax your nervous system, energize your body, and awaken your soul as we move through a fluid dance repertoire set to world music.



Qi Gong


Lee Chiusano is a local energy mover and has been active in the Placerville community for decades. 

He will be sharing Qi Gong, a practice of concentrated intention. A moving mediation. A daily dance of energy.

When we merge our internal rhythms with the rhythms of creation (Qi) we develop grace in our movement, and without thought or effort we are able to slide into the perfectly choreographed dance of life.

Come Dance!


Didgeridoo Chakra Cleanses

David is  a new age music pioneer that began my recording career in 1983 and started a music production company in Garden Valley back in 1986.  Since then he has released 24 album and video projects on my Timeless Productions label

David will be holding space for a sound experience as well as offering didgeridoo chakra cleanses Saturday morning before classes begin.



Sound Facilitator


Jacquelynn has obtained multiple certifications in various alternative therapeutic modalities.  She has continued to study and increase her knowledge in an effort to become well versed in holistic and alternative pathways to wellness. She is certified in Biofield Tuning, Reiki, Meditation Sound Healing and Herbalism.  She also has training in alternative, integrative and holistic medicine.  Her passion is wellness and finding peace in transferring her knowledge onto others so that they may also find relief.


DJ Set

Get ready to feel the beat with Sacramento's very own DJ I Am! With years of experience behind the decks, he's mastered the art of connecting with the crowd and feeling the audience's vibe. His specialty? Delivering electrifying sets of organic, driving music that'll make you move all night long!




Kea Kiehl is a Certified Holistic Massage Therapist passionate about holding space for her clients. She will offer personalized bodywork sessions to work specifically with what you and your body may need. She specializes in Swedish massage, trigger point therapy, deep tissue massage, pre-natal massage and children’s massage.

A practice of tuning in and listening to the body; She starts with asking questions to get information and uses her botanical healing oil to warm and relax the muscles, tissues and decompress joints to create space for release. She uses a range of techniques that may be different for each individual. The bodywork she provides is an art that allows the nervous system to reset. Witness the powers of a bodywork session with Kea at the Lunar Rhythm Gathering


Sound Facilitator

Alex creates meditative experiences with crystal singing bowls, designed for healing, relaxation & inner peace. He values authenticity, simplicity and intentional living.  He is currently pursuing his B.A. in Liberal Arts at Dharma Realm Buddhist University in Ukiah, California. 



Acupuncture • Cupping • Ear Seeds

ACUPUNCTURE: Acupuncture can be used to assist in so many disharmonies of the body mind and spirit. You may chose to focus on: back pain, headaches, tension, seasonal depression, working through any strong emotion, digestive upset, cramps, anxiety abatement, the list goes on. I am here to offer a calm space for you to try something new, or revisit a practice you already love. Feel free to ask any questions:


CUPPING: Cupping has been used in East Asian Medicine for about two thousand years and is very effective at moving stagnant qi and releasing stuck muscle tissue. Cupping helps sore back and shoulder muscles, helps blood circulation, assists lung function (especially after a cold or if one is experiencing allergies/congestion). This practice can also be used to soften scar tissue. -donation based treatment

EAR SEEDS: Just like the mapping of the body and organs used for reflexology, the ears have amap of the body and nervous system overlayed onto them. Ear Seeds allow for a non invasive and fun way to activate acupuncture points and work with energetic systems in the body. Adorn yourself with intention to relax, release tension, alleviate pain, assist digestion or work with a particular organ system and their energetics. A mix of swarovski crystal beads and vaccaria

seeds will be used on chosen points and will stick for about 4 days for you to press when you feel called.



Sacred Paths Apothecary +

Plant & Prana Yoga


Sacred Paths Apothecary will be serving signature tea blends for free tastings. Organic herbal products for sale including Loose Lea tea, elixirs & tonics, bath salts, aromatherapy, plant essences, lip balms, smoke blends, mushroom powders, and more!!

Shakti Rose is a master herbalist, iridologist, yoga instructor, organic farmer, women’s circle facilitator & healer of many modalities, with over 30 years experience & wisdom. 

Her business, Sacred Paths has evolved over the past 20 years. Now residing in Nevada City, she is committed to bringing affordable & effective organic herbal products & holistic medicine to empower & educate others through natural & sustainable practices.




IET Soul Star Clearing

With nearly 3 decades of experience studying yoga, energy and meditation, Jeff has become a skilled energy healer. As a certified IET practitioner, he specializes in helping clients release negative emotions and energy blockages. Jeff's dedication to expanding his knowledge has also led him to complete Laura Day's practical intuition boot-camp & other workshops, further enhancing his abilities and tools as an energy healer.


Jeff will offer a couple of different 15 min mini-sessions, including the IET soul star clearing, which helps align you with your life's purpose.


Massage Therapist

Jena, a certified massage therapist since 2009, is experienced and educated in her field. She can assess your physical and emotional needs, so that you receive a personalized massage which you love. Jena attended an accredited massage school and is knowledgeable about human physiology and function. She has worked with hundreds of massage therapists worldwide in learning different healing patterns and practices. Jena has also taken physical therapy, anatomy, and physiology classes. In addition, Jena finds pure and genuine joy in healing others and alleviating their massage needs. 



Tantra for Self-Healing & Empowerment

Dr. Ira Kotlik is Israeli-Ukrainian women and couples coach with doctorate in clinical psychology and certificate in Sex, Love and Relationship coaching with Tantric approach. Ira is passionate about helping women heal from patriarchal trauma, live their truth and build emotionally, spiritually and sexually satisfying union with their partner.


You can work with Ira online or in person in her little retreat center “Encounterland” located in Placerville, California.


In her class “Tantra for self healing and empowerment” Ira will take you on an adventure of self exploration and celebration of an incredible being that you are.

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